Kyiv, Ukraine

Mariinskyi Park and Park of the Eternal Glory

Mariinskyi Park. Creative Commons: Visem
Park of the Eternal Glory. Creative Commons

One can combine the extensive paths of Mariinskyi Park all the way out to the Park of the Eternal Glory for a scenic and interesting 8 km loop. There’s some overlap with our ‘runseeing’ tour, and good variation/add-on options. Start at the area of the Glass Bridge/ Friendship of Nations Arch. Head south, passing the Monument to the Frog and Museum of Water. Turn RIGHT on Petrivs’ka Alley. The next section is south along lovely paths in the area of the National Art Museum of Ukraine and Dynamo Stadium, approaching the Mariyinsky Palace. Continue to Mariinskyi Park, do a loop, and then head east briefly to join the paths just east of Parkova Rd. for a 3 km loop around Askold’s Grave and the Park of the Eternal Glory. For the return, use the more wooded paths of the section of Mariinskyi Park closer to the river. Runners preferring a paved, less secluded option can use Parkova Rd., which has a good sidewalk.

Mariyinsky Palace. Creative Commons

Add-Ons/Options: There are other paths in these parks that be added on or used for variation. You could also do the ‘park route’ one-way and then run along the Dnieper River path for the return. To get some hills, add Volodymyrska Hill just north of Glass Bridge.

  • 8 km (5 miles) loop, with good add-on options
  • 90m (297 feet)
  • Glass Bridge/ Friendship of Nations Arch
  • Good bus access; Metro stops ~ 1 km away