Kyiv, Ukraine

Hydropark Loop

Creative Commons: Rusanivsky bridge

Hydropark is an island that site in the middle of the Dnieper River, between its left and right banks. The island is a popular urban beach in summer and a good spot for a quick run. A loop around island is ~5.3 km. Starting on the island at the Hidropark metro station, run south along the paved waterside path for 2 km to the end of the island at Gold Beach. For the return, retrace your steps, or, as a good alternative, take the pleasantly wooded trail that runs inland along the island.

Options & Add-Ons: You can run across the Metro Bridge (H07) from Kyiv. It’s pretty busy, but there is a pedestrian path. You can also combine this with our Rusanivska Embankment and Telbin Lake route, using the Rusanivsky Bridge (H07). You can use the Livoberezhna metro station as an option.

  • 5.3 km (3.3 miles) loop
  • 21m (71 feet)
  • Hidropark Metro Station
  • Metro: Hidropark (Line 1)