Kyiv, Ukraine

Muromets Park

Creative Commons:Аимаина хикари

Muromets Park is a large park located just over the Pivnichnyy Bridge. The park sits between the left and right banks of the Dnieper. There are numerous trails, a popular beach, a memorial garden, and facilities for numerous water sports and recreation activities. One can put together a run of various length options on the park’s mainly dirt trails. One good option is a 7.7 km loop starting at the car park. Run for 1 km along a grand, alée type path to the circular Memorial Garden, and then another 2 km north. At the 3.4 km mark, turn LEFT to loop back on a path on the park’s eastern (beach) side. Longer Option: at the 3.4 km mark instead of turning, continue north for up to 3 km additional — but note that it gets increasingly remote.

Longer Run/Add-On: Our Trukhaniv route is south of Muromets Park. You can run on Vulytsya Trukhanivsʹka road south of the Pivnichnyy Bridge to get there.

  • We've mapped a 7.7 (4.8 mile) loop, but there are good options for longer and shorter
  • Some short hills
  • Parking area neat Paintball Center just north of the bridge
  • Bus access. Good parking.