Kyiv, Ukraine

National Botanical Garden

Creative Commons License: Albert Bergonzo

The M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden is a particularly impressive botanical garden and a popular attraction in Kyiv. The garden is located in Kyiv’s park-like Pechersk district. It’s large enough for a decent-size run, and in fact running is encouraged (we hear from locals that those arriving in running clothing in the morning or evening might have their fee waived!). Wide paths and grand alleys take you by a large variety of flora and fauna. There’s a fortress at the northeastern end of the garden, and St. Michael’s Vydubytsky Men’s Monastery at the eastern edge. Note: Set hours and fees might be required.

One can put together 5-6 km on garden’s paved and gravel paths without overlapping.  There are even some stairs that can help get that heart rate going. Interactive map.

Longer Run/Add-On: The area of Navodnitsky Park/river paths, and the adjacent Pechersk Landscape Park (Motherland Monument/Spivoche Pole) are directly north of the Garden. It’s ~1.5 km away, but you have to cross the E95 highway. Use Michurina St. (it’s a bit dilapidated).


  • Can put together 5-6 km on the garden's paths
  • Rolling hills
  • Park entrance
  • The garden is 5 km south of central Kiev. Entrance off Bastionna St.