Antwerp, Belgium

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Antwerp and Nearby Locations

Creative Commons: Sergey Ashmarin

Antwerp is the second largest metro area in Belgium and an important port city, with its location on the River Scheldt. It’s also famous for its diamond industry and trade. There’s a great mix of opportunities for running in Antwerp, with riverside paths, several large parks, and some extensive nature preserves.

As a way to run and get oriented, we recommend our ‘runseeing’ tour of Old Town Antwerp and Stadspark. There are also some scenic paths on both the east and west sides of the Scheldt River. One of the best places to run in Anwerp is Nachtegalenpark and Middelheim area. Other parks that are great for running include Park Spoor Noord, Rivierenhof Park, and a route combining Boekenbergpark and Te Boelaerpark. We also love the many km of paths in the Hobokense Polder Nature Preserve. For a fantastic destination run, we recommend the Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heid preserve, which has great trails around heathland and stately woods.

Antwerp is easy to get around with buses and 12 tram lines.

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Park Spoor Noord

Antwerp, Belgium

Modern park built on a former railbed has a an open and industrial feel. A loop of the paved/gravel paths is ~2.5 km. Can combine with our route along the east side of the Scheldt River for a longer run.

Antwerp has a mild oceanic climate, with summers a bit warmer than southern England and winters moderated by the maritime influence. In summer, average high temperatures reach 23C (73F), with nights that can cool off. Wintertime highs are around 6C, with lows just above freezing. Extensive snowfall is rare. The 850mm of annual precipitation is fairly evenly spread throughout the year. Runners should note that November-February features a lot of overcast and short days.

There’s a good selection of running stores in Antwerp.

Running Store Kontich is a great store with lots of group activities.

We also love Runners Lab, and the two locations of the Addict Store, which has all sorts of outdoor gear.


The Antwerp Running Crew is an active group and hosts group runs on Wednesdays.

Antewrp Athletics is another local running club.


This site has a good listing of races in Antwerp and surrounding areas.