Antwerp, Belgium

Old Town & Stadstpark ‘Runseeing’ Tour

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This 5-mile ‘runseeing’ tour is a neat way to see the highlights of Old Town Antwerp, enjoy a loop around Stadstpark, and the paths around the iconic Museum aan de Stroom. Old Town compact and is a maze of mainly pedestrianized streets and squares.

War Memorial, Stadspark. Flickr Alan Stanton

Start at the gorgeous City Hall (Stadhuis van Antwerpen) and run away from the river, passing by the gothic Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp. Run through the square at Elermarkt, to Meir, a largely pedestrian shopping street. At the Paleis op de Meir, RIGHT on Wapper, passing the Rubens mansion, which will take you by the theater district. Use Stoopstraat to cross over the N1 into Stadstpark, a triangular park built on the remains of the 16th century Fort Herentals. A loop of the pretty paths is 1.5 km. Exit the park onto Meistraat/Eikenstraat, heading straight to Sint-Jacob Antwerpen, an important Gothic church. Continue north to see some of the pretty buildings of the University of Antwerp, continuing north on Falconplein to do a tour of paths around the ‘moat’ of the iconic sandstone Museum aan de Stroom. The final 1 km return is along the river to the Museum Vleeshuis.

Add-Ons: From the Museum aan de Stroom, it’s a quick jaunt east to the modern Park Spoor Noord. Or, do more running along the riverfront paths. See our East Scheldt River route.

  • 8 km (5 miles)
  • 20m (68 feet)
  • Antwerp City Hall
  • Good transport access