Chișinău, Moldova

Chișinău is the capital and largest city in Moldova. It’s also the country’s main commercial and cultural center, and contains 1/3 of Moldova’s population. The city still has a feel of the Soviet era, with many large, imposing brutalist buildings. Many facilities and parks are somewhat rundown but there’s a concerted effort to modernize. There’s surprisingly good running in Chișinău, owing to the city’s numerous, large parks.

In central Chișinău, the running highlights are some combination of our ‘runseeing’ tour, Dendrariu Park, & Morilor Park, which features a 2.5 km lake loop. Another great place to run in Chișinău is Rose Valley Park, with several km of trails. We also like running in Râșcani Forest-Park, La Izvor Park, and the National Botanical Garden.

Notes: Note that many of the parks are somewhat hilly!  Also, the paths in some of the parks are a bit rundown — many are in some state of renovation.

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Rose Valley Park

Chișinău, Moldova

This large park in the southern part of Chișinău is a great spot for a run. There are 8-9 km of non-overlapping rolling hill paths, combination of open & wooded landscape, and three small lakes. There are 500 species of shrubs and flora, and roses in season!

Chișinău has a humid, continental climate, characterized by warm summers and cold, windy winters. Summer temperatures average 28C (mid-80sF), with warm but not oppressive nights. Winter highs are just above freezing, with lows in the -4C (mid-20sF) range. The 555mm (22 inches) of annual precipitation is fairly evenly spread throughout the year. There can be ice and snow in winter.

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We recommend staying in the central section of the city, between Morilor/Dendariu Park and Cathedral Park. This provides access to some of the best running in Chișinău. The other parks we recommend for running aren’t far away.


Run Hub is the one dedicated running store in Chișinău. There’s also a Nike Store, Puma, and an outlet of Multisport. See overview map on home page.

Chișinău Marathon. September. The largest running event in Moldova, with half, 10k, & 5k options.

Run Moldova is a good resource for running events, though it’s mainly focused on trail running and ultra type races.