Nantes, France

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Nantes. See Also Our Guide for Running in the Loire Valley.


Nantes is the sixth largest city in France, located on the Loire River, about 50 km from the Atlantic Coast. The city is known for its art,  important harbor, and as one of France’s largest producers of food.  The scene for running in Nantes is terrific, with several scenic routes in close proximity.

Much of the running in Nantes centers on waterside paths. Our favorite river run in Nantes is along the Erdre River. The Loire River can also be experienced via paths on its northern side and on the Île de Nantes. For parks and greenery, enjoy our Three Park Tour, anchored by Parc Procé near downtown Nantes. One of our favorite places to run in Nantes is a loop around the pastoral paths of Île Pinette. And don’t miss our ‘runseeing’ tour of Nantes, which includes key historic and cultural sites, the Château, botanical gardens, and Loire River paths. See also our separate guide for running in the Loire Valley.

Loire is easy to get around, with an extensive public-transport network, known as “Tan”, consisting of trams, buses and river shuttles.

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The weather in Nantes is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Summers are pleasantly mild, with average high temperatures in the 25C (77F) range, with cool-ish nights. Winters aren’t too cold, with daytime highs approaching 9C (48F) and nights usually staying above freezing. Snowfall is rare. The 820mm (32 inches) of rain are spread throughout the year, though the winter months see double the average precipitation as summer. There can be lots of overcast in winter.


If you stay in central Nantes, between the Loire River and Île Versailles, you’ll be able to easily access our favorite running routes. There are lots of run hotels in the Graslin neighborhood, which is also near good places to run.


Nantes has a great selection of stores selling running and outdoor recreation gear. See our Nantes Running Overview map for locations Among the best:

Just Running – Nantes

Running Conseil Nantes

Courir, with two locations.


We Run Nantes is an active running group in Nantes.