Peniche, Portugal

Lovely Coastal Running in Peniche, Located 100 km north of Lisbon

Peniche is a small seaside community built on a rocky peninsula in the Oeste region of Portugal, about 100 km north of Lisbon. Peniche is known for its scenic harbour, white windmills, chapels and long sandy beaches. It’s also a popular surfing location, with waves considered among the best in Europe. There is some very scenic running in Peniche, combining the coastal road, beaches, and bluff trails.

The best place to run in Peniche is the 11 km coastal loop, following the N114 Estr, Marginal. There are also many km of gorgeous beaches, with situationally firm sand near the water. We also love running on the coastal bluffs above the water – some trails are wide and sandy while others are narrower, winding their way around rocks like an obstacle course.

Runners should note that it can be windy in Peniche. Also, Peniche’s climate is very much moderated by the ocean — summers are comparatively cool, and winters are mild. Also, many of the running routes are exposed. Be sure to hydrate!

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Peniche’s has a mediterranean climate that’s very much moderated by the ocean — summers are comparatively cool and dry, with high temps barely reaching 70F (21C). Winters are mild and can be wet, with daytime highs around 14C (56F) and mild nights (10C). Note that Peniche can be consistently windy.


The best spot to buy running gear in Peniche is Sport Zone Peniche.