Peniche, Portugal

Peniche Beach Running Options

Creative Commons: Kevin Gale

Peniche has some spectacular beaches and is known as a surfer’s paradise. The sand is generally firm near the water, and there can be crashing surf depending on the season & conditions. Some favorite beach running sections:  [Note: Praia=Beach]

Baleal Beach. Google Street View

Northside Beaches. Several contiguous beaches extending on the north side for up to 6.3 km. Starting from Peniche de Cima, continue north to Praia do Baleal, to Praia Lagide. There’s a nice little 1 km loop of the Baleal, with views to the Vestígios do Forte. Fairly firm near the water (situational).

North of Baleal Beach. Some 15+ km of continuous beach running from Baleal Beach north to Praia da Foz do Arelho. Combine with some coastal bluffs above the beach

Praia da Consolação/Praia dos Supertubos. This beach on the southern side of Peniche runs for ~ 3 km (2 miles), and is very popular with sunbathers and surfers. Sand is generally soft, can be firm near the water. Situational.

Add-Ons: Our Peniche Seaside loop is adjacent to the northside beaches.

  • Southside beaches: up to 3 km (2 miles); Northside beaches: up to 6.3 km
  • Depends on beach chosen
  • Good access to all the beaches