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Rosario, Argentina

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Rosario is the largest city in the central Argentine province of Santa Fe, and the third largest city in Argentina. Located on the Paraná River, Rosario is also a major commercial, industrial, and agricultiral center. It’s a populated, dense city, so it’s helpful to know the best bets for running in Rosario.

The best place to run in Rosario is the 6 km of paths along the Paraná River. There’s also a quite nice ‘runseeing’ tour Distrito Centro, combining the wide, tree-shaded boulevards with their historic  architecture with the city’s major park, Parque Independencia. Another nice run is around Parque Alem and the riverside path La Florida beach. In the southeastern part of Rosario, Sur. Regional Park has some dirt paths along the Saladillo River.

The quite decent bus system is a good way to get around Rosario. Runners should also note Rosario’s humid subtropical climate, featuring hot summers. Plan accordingly!

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Rosario has a humid, subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The weather in Rosario can be changeable. Good running conditions year-round. Summers are hot — runners should use caution and plan accordingly. Winter temperatures average in the 16C (60F) range during the day, and dip to the mid-40s at night. There are distinct wet and dry seasons.

There’s a large cluster of hotels in the main city center area, which provides good access to our Paraná River and ‘Runseeing’ routes.


There’s a good selection of stores in Rosario that carry running and outdoor gear. See the overview map for locations.


Rosario Running Club

The Rosario Marathon and 10k, held in June, is the signature running event in Rosario.