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Tacoma is a port city located along Puget Sound. The third largest city in Washington, Tacoma has become almost a suburb of Seattle, located just 30 miles away. There are some decent options for running in Tacoma, with many routes providing views of Mt. Rainier.

If downtown, we recommend a run combining the revitalized Thea Foss Way and Wright Park. The best place to run in Tacoma is the combination of Ruston Way and Point Defiance Park. In the western part of Tacoma, the Scott Pierson Trail heads over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. where there’s also some nice running in Gig Harbor. South of the city, there are some nice routes in the Chambers Bay area. In the eastern suburbs, the running highlight is the Foothills National Recreation Trail, a paved path heading east for up to 21 miles along the Puyallup River and White River. For trail running, Route 16 Walk & Run shop has a good list of options.

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Tacoma’s weather is very much like that of Seattle. The good news is that it’s temperate, rarely falling below freezing. The bad news: it can rain, or ‘mist’ for days on end, especially in winter. So pack wet weather running gear. Summers can be gorgeous, with some long stretches of dry weather. It never gets overly hot.

If in one of the downtown hotels, the best run is Thea Foss Way/Wright Park. Even better is to stay closer to Ruston Way, which also provides access to Point Defiance Park.

Two good running specialty stores in Tacoma are Fleet Feet in north Tacoma, Route 16 Running and Walking in Gig Harbor  South Sound Runner in Puyallup.


South Sound Running does Pub Runs — check their calendar.

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