Tblisi, Georgia

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Tblisi is the capital and largest city in Georgia, lying on the banks of the Kura River and with a population of 1.5 million. With its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and history of being an important transit route, Tblisi features a mix of architectures. There are mountains all around. For running in Tblisi, be aware that just outside the city center it gets hilly quickly!

The best way to get anchored for running in Tblisi is to start with paths along the Kura River, and combine with some of the central streets such as Rustaveli Avenue on the right bank and Agmashenebeli Avenue on the left bank. We’ve also put together a scenic, but hilly ‘runseeing’ tour, which hits the highlights including the Mother of Georgia and Narikala Fortress. In the western part of Tblisi, there’s a nice route combining Central Park, Tamarashvili Boulevard Park, Vake Park. The loop around Lake Lisi is also popular for running. Runners can find some hill challenges and trail running right in Tblisi at Turtle Lake and Mount Mtatsminda. There are some scenic, easier trails at Tblisi Sea, located 10 km east of the city. There’s also some good trail running at Tblisi National Park, 20 km from town.

Runners should be aware that the area just outside the center of town is hilly!  Also, the weather can be very warm and humid in summer.

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Tblisi has a humid subtropical climate with warm to hot summers and cool winters. Summers can be very warm, with temperatures in the 31C (high 80sF) range. Winters days are in the 7C (mid 40sF) range, with nights dipping to freezing. It can be colder in the surrounding mountains. Winters are quite dry, with fairly little precipitation.


Numerous options including Nike and New Balance outlets. Run.GE is a running-centric store in Tblisi.


Tblisi Running Club has group runs.

Tblisi Marathon. October.