Timișoara, Romania

CC: Antonius Plaian

Timișoara is the main economic, social, educational, and cultural centre in Western Romania. The city of 400,000 is somewhat of a hidden gem, referred to as “Little Vienna” for its large number of historical monuments and its 36 parks and green spaces. Naturally there are also unattractive remnants from the Soviet era. There’s some terrific running in Timișoara, centered around paths and an extensive series of parks along the Bega River. Our four main routes are all adjacent and can be mixed in different ways!

It’s fun to start with our 5k ‘runseeing’ tour of the Cetate neighborhood, with important squares, small parks, and the Botanical Gardens. The best place to run in Timișoara is our ‘parks’ route, consisting a large green space forming a linear park along the Bega River. There are also several km of paths along the Bega River, and even a 40 km cycle path west to the Serbian border for the ambitious!  We’ve also put together a route in the historic Elisabetin neighborhood.

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Timișoara has a climate that’s a mix of continental, tropical, and Mediterranean. Summers can be hot and humid, with 45 days on average exceeding 30C (86F), though nights cool down. Winters are cool to cold, with daytime highs of 3C (37F) and nights dipping to -3C. There can be wam and very cold spells in winter, and some snow. The 600mm (24 inches) of annual precipitation falls fairly evenly throughout the year, though a bit more in summer due to downpours.


Try to stay inside the inner belt loop and/or near the Bega River parks for out the door access to nice running in Timișoara.


Head to the lulius Town Shopping Mall, where there are several stores selling running gear — see our overview map.

Calendar of running events in Timișoara.