Varna, Bulgaria

Includes the Golden Sands Resort Area

Vara is the third-largest city in Bulgaria. Located on the Gulf of Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the ‘Sea Capital of Bulgaria’ is an important centre for business, transportation, education, tourism, entertainment and healthcare. The popular seaside resort of Golden Sands is located 17 km north of Varna. Running in Varna is centered on seaside paths and parks.

The best place to run in Varna is to combine the waterfront Primorski Park and the adjacent road and path along the Black Sea. Asparuhov Park and the road along Asparuhov Beach is another good spot. We’ve also put together a ‘runseeing’ tour of Varna’s historic centre and major sites. In Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatsi), there’s decent running along the beachfront road, and excellent trail running options in Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park in the hills above.

Runners should note that Varna can be quite hot & humid in summer.

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Varna has a humid subtropical climate, with some Mediterranean influences. Runners should be aware that summer months are warm to hot and humid, with average highs of 29-30C (mid-80s), and warm nights. Autumn and spring are delightfully warm. Winters are cool, with daytime high temperatures averaging 7C and nights near freezing. The 540mm (21 inches) of annual precipitation is spread evenly throughout the year.


Varna is a popular seaside resort town. There’s a large selection of accommodations in the central part of the city. For access to good running, try to stay as close to the waterfront & Primorski Park. Golden Sands, located 17 km north of Varna, is a popular resort area, with a good selection of hotels.

Marathon Varna. May. The city’s signature road race.