Whistler/Squamish/Pemberton, BC

The Best Places to Run in Whistler, and nearby Squamish and Pemberton

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Whistler is a popular recreation destination in the Coast Mountains, on Canada’s west coast about two hours north of Vancouver. Home to Whistler Blackomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America, the area is also a major draw in summer for a huge variety of outdoor sports. There are wonderful opportunities for running in Whistler — from paved, multi-use paths accessible from the town’s pedestrian village, to a vast network of trails to suit runners of all abilities. Be sure to pick up this trail map — essential for walking and running during your visit!  Tourism Whistler has an excellent site with numerous recs for trail running (and permitted us to use some excellent photos!). We’ve also included some routes in gorgeous Pemberton, 30 km north of Whistler, and Squamish, gateway to mountain recreation.

The anchor for running in Whistler is the 40 km Valley Trail, which also provides links to numerous other roads and interconnected trails in the area.  The trail is well way-marked and there are numerous spurs to other spots. Other pretty paths easily accessible from Whistler Village include the Lost Lake Trail and Golf Course loop, which can be run stand-alone or linked together for longer runs. For trail running, there are wonderful options in the Valley — lakes, rivers, woods, bridges and more. There’s also some very special trail running in the Alpine, accessed by lifts up Whistler or Blackcomb.

The main road in the area is Highway 99, known as the ‘Sea to Sky’ Highway. An excellent local bus system runs along the area’s main roads, and connects to the main village areas (Village, Upper Village, Creekside) and residential neighborhoods. Anything further afield requires a car. As for running in winter, some sections of the Valley Trail are cleared of snow, but for anything more ambitious, you’ll need grippers of some sort.

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Some of our favorite runs in Whistler/Squamish/Pemberton, BC

Valley Trail

A 40 km paved muli-use trail that's a great off-road connector to the major parts of Whistler.... more...

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Summers in Whistler are great for running. Temperatures are warm but not, with highs averaging 23C (74F), and cool nights, dipping to around 9C (48F) — layer always needed! It’s also sunny and dry. Nice temperatures persist through October. Winters are cold but not frigid (though very different in the alpine), with daytime high temperatures approaching freezing and nights dipping to -8C (17F). Snow/rain are plentiful. You’ll need to think about clothing and footing if planning to run in winter.


Whistler is a major visitor destinations in all seasons, and there’s a massive choice of accommodations — from hotels to condos. Pretty much anywhere you stay in the Whistler area will be within proximity to the Valley Trail, or served by bus.

Running Stores

Although there are no dedicated running stores in Whistler, there’s a large variety of outdoor and sporting goods stores in Whistler. You will have no trouble finding running gear!

Group Runs

This link from Tourism Whistler has information on the stores that provide group runs and running clinics. They vary by year and season, so best to check for updated information.

Use this site for listings of running related events in Whistler. There’s a great variety of running events — from your garden variety 5k to ironmans to some serious trail running races. At least 1-2 events per month from June-October.