Tourism Whistler/Steve Rogers

The 40 km Valley Trail serves the multiple purposes of being a great trail for running, access to other great spots for running, and an off-road option for getting around Whistler by foot or bike. The trail is mainly paved, and there are some sections that are on the road. Much of the Valley Trail runs parallel to Highway 99, from its southern end at Bayly Park/Function Junction (8 km from the Village), north to Green Lake (7 km from the Village). The trail also connects to popular spots such as Lost Lake, Alta Lake, and the golf course. This map provides a good overview of the Valley Trail. The trail is well way-marked and there are numerous spurs coming off the trail. Bonus: some sections are lit and maintained in winter.

Some of the most scenic sections of the Valley Trail are (distances one-way):

Green Lake. Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane
  • A spur looping around the Whistler Golf Course. ~4.7 km
  • Between Rainbow Park and Meadow Park, combination of wooded and open, gorgeous through Golden Dreams Conservation area. Away from the road, and quite flat. ~3.7 km
  • Between Alta Lake Park and Alpha Lake Park, on the West Side of Highway 99. ~3 km
  • Section along Green Lake, with great water views (in winter, run on shoulder). ~4 km


  • Overall trail is 40 km (24 miles), through numerous spurs
  • Depends on section chosen, but offers some of the flatter running opportunities in the area
  • Depends on section chosen, but Whistler Village a good anchor point