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Yerevan, Armenia

CC: Serouj Ourishian

Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. The city is located on the banks of the Hrazdan River, northeast of the Ararat Plain, with views of mountain on three sides. Yerevan is a major arts & culture center, and also features important museums, monuments, and imposing structures dating back to the Soviet era. Running in Yerevan can be a a challenge, as the city is densely populated and there can be a lack of decent sidewalks.

The best places to run in Yerevan are in a series of small, but lovely parks in and near the center. A great start is our ‘runseeing‘ tour of Old Yerevan, which features important squares, plazas, several parks, and the Cascade Stairs, where you can exhibit your inner Rocky. The large plaza/park around the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex is also a good place to run, though please use respect in the vicinity of the Memorial. We’ve also included runs in Victory Park, Komitas Park, the Botanical Garden and a loop around Vardavar Lake in the southern part of the city. For some hilly, scenic running in the area’s largest green/open space, head to Jrvezh Forest Park. which is 10 km east of town.

NOTES: the city is divided into 12 administrative districts. There’s a subway in the immediate city, plus buses. The climate is one of extremes: very hot summers, and cold winters, with some snow. And, runners should not wear shorts in Yerevan.

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Victory Park

Yerevan, Armenia

One of Yerevan's best parks for running. Located just north the Cascade Complex (but cut off from the historic centre by Saralanji St.), Victory Park features several memorials & monuments, a lake, and a scenic lookout at its eastern end. ~3 km of paths.

Komitas Park (Komitasi aygi)

Yerevan, Armenia

Komitas Park is a good spot just south of Old Yerevan for some off-road running. There are pleasant, open paths around the park and some tree-lined alleys. It's possible to do ~1.5 km laps. Can be combined with our Old Yerevan route, using Arshakunyats Ave.

Yerevan features a continental climate, with hot, dry summers and cold, somewhat snowy winters. Runners should be aware that summer days climb to 30-35C (90-95F) from June through September, though nights are a bit more comfortable. By contrast, winters are cold, with average highs just above freezing, and lows dip to -8C (17F). There can be snow and ice in winter. Also note Yerevan’s altitude of 1,100m.

We recommend staying inside the main circle road in the city center. There’s a large range of accommodations, plus out the door access to some of the best running in Yerevan and numerous parks.