Lousiville, KY

Big Four Bridge Run: Kentucky

From Louisville to Jeffersonville and back over Big Four Bridge, this run offers 2 miles of amazing city and river views and a display of Louisville’s more entertaining side. Beginning at the ramp on River Road, runners will start out with a bit of an incline to get their blood pumping. The ramp totals ¼ mile, with the bridge itself coming out at about ½ mile, and the Jeffersonville ramp about another ¼ mile. Those looking to run after sunset can enjoy the LED lighting system, displaying different themes until around 1am.

Visitors can park in Waterfront Park’s Red lot, Silver lot, or on River Road. The park is open until 11pm, but the ramp at River Road is open 24/7. The bridge is for bicyclists and pedestrians only,  so runners do not have to worry about cars.

Add-On: Additional trails along the water, from Waterfront Park. See Waterfront Park loop.

  • 2 miles out and back on bridge; For more, take paths from Waterfront Park
  • Ramp on River Road
  • Parking lots available inside Waterfront Park