Lousiville, KY

Joe Creason Park

Many know Joe Creason Park for the Louisville Tennis Center, a popular venue for Grand Slam players including Arthur Ashe, Rod Laver, and Billie Jean King. The 62 acre park incorporates Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve, which has  3.1 miles of trails popular with cross country runners.

The park map offers guidance for those looking to run on the paved paths or roads. Facilities are open from dusk until dawn, and include playgrounds, hiking trails, grilling areas and more. The park is located near Louisville Nature Center and Louisville Zoo for those interested in checking out some of the local tourist attractions. There are multiple parking lots available for guests wanting to drive. Bus 21 also has a stop close to the park for those wishing to use public transportation.

Add-On: Bellarmine University. The neighborhood just to the northeast of the park, including the campus of Bellarmine University, makes for a nice add-on. You can run around some of the quieter sections of campus, or on some of the nicer residential streets in this area. We especially enjoy Trevilian Way.

  • 3.1 miles of trails in Beargrass Creek State Nature and a 1.5 mile paved multi-used path
  • Numerous parking lots
  • Bus 21 route stop Trivillian Way @Newburg