Manchester, UK

River Irwell and Peel Park Loop

This is a nice standalone loop, or add-on to other runs in central Manchester, such as our ‘runseeing tour’ or Rochdale Canal path. Start at Blackfriars & Chapel St., or other convenient location, and head north on the River Irwell path, for up to 4 extra miles, along the river and up to The Meadow and Peel Park. Pleasant greenway and paths. Sites include the University of Salford, and the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. There are a couple of pedestrian bridges just north and south of Frederick Road, to vary the length and run on either side of the river.

Add-ons: Manchester Runseeing Tour, Rochdale Canal path, Salford Quays.

Runseeing Tour  Rochdale Canal Path  Salford Quays
  • 4.1 mile loop
  • 54 feet
  • Blackfriars & Chapel St.
  • Bus, or Light Rail nearby on east side of River; Salford has a train station