Minsk, Belarus

Caliuskincau Park

Adam Jones

Also home to the Botanical Gardens of the National Academy of Belarus, Caliuskincau Park is located across the Svislach River to the northeast of central Minsk. This 59 hectare forest park has lots to see, including a ferris wheel and several historical monuments. For running, it’s a treat due to the layout of many kilometres of stone paved paths arranged radially across the park, lined with some 22,000 trees. A combination of the interior and exterior park loops is about 4.4 km, but there are many other paths to choose from. Runners can also extend the route along the Slyapyanskaya Waterway to the east of the park.

We’ve mapped an 11.4 km route incorporating a perimeter loop of  Caliuskincau Park, and then along then along the Slyapyanskaya Waterway to the National Library of the Republic of Belarus and back.

  • Several km of paths in park radiating from center. We've also mapped an 11.4 km (7 miles) longer route (see above)
  • 50 meters
  • Metro: Park Čaliuskincaŭ
  • Park Čaliuskincaŭ Metro Stop