Minsk, Belarus

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Minsk

Minsk is the capital and largest city in Belarus, located in the center of the country along the Svislach River. This Slavic city has changed hands several times, and was most recently a part of the Soviet Union until Belarus’ official declaration of independence in 1991. The variety of cultural influences has made Minsk into a fascinating medley of architectural styles, and its great nightlife and rich food only add to the charm. We should also mention that the whole city has a clean and walkable feel, with lots of paths and parkland, so Minsk is a great destination for running.

The best choice for running in Minsk is the long paved bike path (Velodorozhka) along the Svislach, which runners can access from many points throughout the city. The Velodorozhka also connects many of Minsk’s best parks, which are great running options on their own. Some of our favorites include Victory Park, Gorky Park, and Lošyсki Park. Other good park running options include Caliuskincau Park and the trails of Drazdy Forest Park and Zialiony Luh Forest Park. Another great way to see the city is our Minsk Runseeing Tour, which visits some of the most interesting sights in the capital.

Minsk’s two Metro lines, which form an X across the city, are typically considered the easiest way to get around the city. There are also bus and tram lines. Most of our routes are near the center or accessible via transport. Note: Be prepared for winter running in Minsk and seasonal variations in daylight length.

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Some of our favorite runs in Minsk, Belarus

Victory Park

The most popular park for running in Minsk. We’ve mapped a 7 km loop around the perimeter... more...

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Gorky Park

Minsk, Belarus

Due east of the city center, Gorky Park is one of the major green spaces along the Svislach River. One circuit around the park is about 2.3 km, but runners can extend their route by adding interior paths, or with nearby parks/Velodorozhka.

Minsk has a continental climate consisting of mild summers and cold winters. This is a winter climate, with temperatures staying below freezing quite consistently, with a reasonable amount of snowfall. Summers are pleasant and mild, with high temperatures in the 22C (72F) range. Like other cities at this latitude, there’s lots of variation in length of day from summer to winter.

Most Minsk hotels are located right downtown. There is no city tourism bureau, but there are several tourism agencies that can help you find a place to stay.

Race Base is the top running store in Minsk.

For running groups, check out the Mikkeller Running Club or the Runday 5k at Victory Park.

The Minsk Half Marathon is the most popular race in the city. It also has 5 and 10 km options.