Minsk, Belarus

Svislach Velodorozhka

Without a doubt the best running option in Minsk, the paved Velodorozhka (Bike Path) along the Svislach River stretches for over 25 km between Drazdy Forest Park in the north and the Chyzhowskae Reservoir in the south. The path also links to some of our other routes in Minsk. There are sections right along the river, while other sections are through parks and some woods.

Runners can hop on at any point for routes of varying distances, or run the Velodorozhka in combination with some of Minsk’s best parks. Some of our favorite segments are Victory Park, the waterfront route through downtown, Lošyсki Park, and Gorky Park. We’ve mapped the full patj, plus a 12 km central section loop of 12 km between the 2nd Ring Road and the footbridge at Gorky Park. See our posts on Victory Park, Gorky Park, Lošyсki Park, and the Minsk Runseeing Tour for more routes around the Velodorozhka.

  • Up to 25 km (15.5 miles) one-way; we've also mapped a 12 km loop of the central section
  • 96 meters
  • Varies
  • Varies