Minsk, Belarus

Minsk ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Adam Jones

While Minsk does not have the preserved Old Town of many small European cities, the downtown is teeming with interesting architecture, ranging from neoclassical, to modernist, to baroque. Our ‘Runseeing’ tour of Minsk is a 7.2 km route through the center of the city that hits some of Minsk’s top sights. It’s a bit complicated – so use this route as an outline.

Start off from the Niamiha metro station and head west along the Koz’mo Dem’yanovskiy Spusk path towards the Holy Spirit Cathedral. Turn RIGHT onto Cyril and Methodius Street to the City Scales Sculpture. Turn RIGHT after the Hasciny Dvor to Vuilca Lienina then LEFT on Vulica Revaliucyjnaja past the Red Yard. Cut diagonally through the Adam Mickievič monument yard to Vulca Valadarskaha, then turn RIGHT after the embassies to the Saint Simon and Saint Helena Church and Lenin Monument. After a tour around these grounds, backtrack to Vulca Valadarskaha/Vulca Internacyjanalnaja and follow it to the Minsk City Hall. Cut diagonally through to the Monastery of Basilian to Ulitsa Engel’sa and turn LEFT, then turn RIGHT onto the Zavulak Muzycny. At Wankowicz’s House turn RIGHT down the path back to Vulca Internacyjanalnaja and go LEFT. At the Literature Museum, turn RIGHT onto Vulica Janky Kupali to the Belarusian State Circus. Turn LEFT, cross over the bridge, and continue to the Victory Monument. After enjoying the monument, head back towards the waterfront and turn RIGHT (north), through Skvier Marata Kazieja to the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. At the theater, head diagonally southwest, cut through the Trinity Hill/Old Town Neighborhood to the Sons of the Fatherland and Crying Angel Monuments. After a loop around the island, head back south along the Svislach and cross over the Vulica Maksima Bahdanovica bridge back to the start. 

Add-Ons: Lots of opportunities to extend or vary the run, with paths along the Svislach River, and in Janki Kupaly Park and Gorky Park

  • 7.2 km (4.5 miles) tour
  • 44 meters
  • Koz’mo Dem’yanovskiy Spusk
  • Niamiha Metro Station