New Haven, CT

New Haven Gorgeous Residential

Wikimedia Commons

New Haven has some lovely, leafy streets with older Victorian and Colonial homes and interesting architecture. A few recommendations for creating your own route through New Haven’s attractive neighborhoods:

Prospect Hill Historic District. Really nice roads east of the Yale campus include Whitney, Hillhouse, Orange, Temple, Prospect, and side streets. Be sure to include Edgehill Rd., a residential classic that runs for ~1 mile.

We’ve put together a 4-mile route that includes Edgehill Rd., through Edgerton Park (historic carriage house) and 1/2 mile of trails around the RWA Recreational Space (waterworks), connecting to Livingston St., via East Rock. Add on with some side streets!

Hamden. We also love running in Hamden, an affluent suburb north of New Haven. Ridge Rd. is a nice straight shot that goes for miles, with gorgeous, set back homes. The quieter streets off Whitney Ave. are also good for running.

  • We've mapped a 4-mile Prospect Hill route -- use as guideline to create your own!
  • Good hills leading up to Prospect Hill