Princeton, NJ

Mercer Meadows and Lawrence Hopewell Trail

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We highly recommend a run in Mercer Meadows, a gorgeous, 1600-acre park located 7 miles southwest of Princeton. There are miles of mowed and gravel trails around meadows, fields, woodlands, and some small ponds. It’s gentle trail running (easy footing) on rolling hill terrain. This excellent park map has information on trails and distances. There are numerous access points and parking areas for the park.

There are ~11 miles of non-overlapping trails at Mercer Meadows, the longest of which isĀ  a 4.2 mile section of the 22-mile Lawrence Hopewell Trail that runs through the park which between Old Mill Rd. near the equestrian center and Keefe Rd., near the Red Barn parking area.

Add-Ons: The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is a 22-mile trail that forms a loop around several communities just west of Princeton. The combination paved and stone dust trail is a great option for a longer run. Connect/combine at Mercer Meadows, or other access points near Princeton, such as Maidenhead Meadows Park, which is also at the southern end of our D&R Canal Trail route.

  • 11 miles of trails in Mercer Meadows; LHT is 22 miles total
  • Rolling hill terrain
  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Several access points and parking areas -- see park map