Quebec City, Quebec


Mont-Sainte-Anne is a major mountain about 30 minutes by car from Quebec City. In winter, it’s a major skiing destination. In summer, there are wonderful trails for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running.

For runners, the are some more novice trails that are more flat and easy. One can also run on some of the mountain bike trails. We’ve provided links to the trail map for mountain biking and hiking. The ‘green trails’ will be the most ‘runnable’. A few suggestions for runners, which can all be seen from the ‘hiking map’ link:

  • Run to the summit. The easiest ascent is La Pichard, 3.4 km one-way (can take a lift down!)
  • Summit Trails. La Panorama is about 1 km one-way, with great views. Combine with Le Chemin des Belvederes for a loop.
  • Tour du Lac. A 2km gentle trail around a lake at the base of the mountain
  • Jean Larose Waterfalls. A 2 km one-way run passing three waterfalls and including 400 steps!



  • Various options depending on trail
  • Hilly!
  • About 30 minutes from Quebec City by car