Rotterdam/The Hague, Netherlands

Kralingse Lake Perimeter

Just 3 km east of the city center and easily reachable by transport, enjoy a nearly perfect 5 km loop around the perimeter of this pleasant lake. It’s a combination of roadside path and dedicated multi-use trail. There are water views much of the way. Post-run, there are some lovely waterside restaurants on the lake. On the western side is an outdoor rock climbing gym!  For transport access, take the metro to Gerdesiaweg or Voorschoterlaan, and run through Park Rozenburg to the lake.

For a longer run, there are several km of more wooded paths on the northern side of the lake.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles) around the lake
  • Flat
  • At lake or from metro station (~ 1 km from lake)
  • Metro: Gerdesiaweg or Voorschoterlaan