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Includes routes in Rotterdam, Delft, and The Hague

The combined metro area of Rotterdam and The Hague has a population of 2.7 million and has the 13th largest population in the EU. Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port, while The Hague, 25 km away, is the seat of government in the Netherlands. Water defines the area’s geography, given its location at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas channel leading into the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta at the North Sea. Rotterdam is divided into a northern and a southern part by the River Maas, which is connected by numerous tunnels and bridges. The Hague has a dramatic setting on the North Sea. Running in Rotterdam and The Hague is largely defined by the water, although there are also some wonderful parks and accessible wooded areas. We’ve also included some routes in canal-ringed Delft, which sits between Rotterdam and The Hague.

In Rotterdam, the best places to run are along the various River Maas paths, using the scenic bridges as connectors. There are also some wonderful parks and trails north of the city, including the lovely Kralingse Lake. In the Hague, there’s some great beach and boardwalk running in and Scheveningen and Kijkduin, the spectacular Westduinpark, and the wide, wooded paths of the Hague Woods and Scheveningen Woods. We’ve also included a ‘runseeing‘ tour of The Hague’s historic highlights. In Delft, we have three routes showcasing the city’s extensive paths along canals and through parks.

Rotterdam and The Hague are both compact and easy to get around via a system of metros, trams, and light rail.

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Rottedam and The Hague have a mild climate, moderated somewhat by the proximity of the water. It is a humid and damp climate. Summers are mild, but not overly warm or hot. Average high temperatures are in the 22C range (72F), while evenings are cool, dipping to 13C (54F) on average. Layer needed at all tikes of year! Winters are overcast and cool but not too cold. Daytime highs climn  to 6C (43F), and lows dip to around the freezing point. Spring can be awhile coming due to the colder ocean waters. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year. Significant, lasting snowfall is rare. It can also be quite windy, especially close to the coast. Note also the longer summer days and shorter winter days attributed to the northern latitude!  And summers average 4x the mean sunshine hours of winter!

Running Stores

Run2day is an independent running store with locations in Rotterdam and The Hague (and elsewhere in the Netherlands).

De Hardloopwinkel also operates stores in Rotterdam and The Hague (and elsewhere in the Netherlands).

Group Runs

Hague Road Runners. From their site: Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening running groups at all levels of experience leave the clubhouse at 18:45 hrs. Training on a Saturday and Sunday starts at 9:00am. Everybody is welcome, from the age of 16 upwards – please drop by and join a few trial runs. Membership is on an annual basis, but if your stay in The Hague area is for a shorter period of time, a temporary membership is also possible.

Race event calendar, from the Hague Road Runners website.

Some of the signature running events in the area are:

Rotterdam Marathon. April. One of the fastest marathons in the world.

CPC Run The Hague. March. City to Pier run. Very popular!

Hague Half Marathon. March. 26,000 participants!