There’s a series of parks and trails in the northern part of Rotterdam that’s essentially a linear park. This is the closest you’ll get to trail running in the city. The area consists of a series of roads, paths, and trails starting at the Rotterdam Tram Museum and heading north, for as much as 8 km one-way. Choose any section!

The first section is a path through the Prinsenmolenpark, which meanders along the De Rotte river for 2 km. Then enter Molenpark, which has parallel cycle and pedestrian trails, leading into the larger Lage Bergse Bos Park. There are numerous trails here through woods and along the water, combination paved and unpaved. Create your own route, or continue following the trail/path north into Hoge Bergse Bos (woods), using Kromme Tochtweg. This 2.5 km section of trail is a combination wooded and open terrain, some along sections of water. Again here, lots of options to add and vary.

We’ve mapped the 7.8 km one-way route, but note there are many options to shorten/vary the run.

  • Up to 7.8 km (4.8 miles) one-way, with lots of options to vary
  • Flat
  • Tram Museum (southern end of route)
  • Train: Rotterdam Noord; Tram Line 4/8, Station Noord. Not much transit access north of here