Salvador, Brazil

Avenida Paralela Bike Path

Salvador’s longest bike path follows the corridor of the busy Avenida Paralela/Av. Luís Viana Filho highway. It may not be the most scenic option in the city, but it’s a decent choice for a long run. This paved bike path has a painted cycling lane split into two directions, as well as a parallel pedestrian path. It begins just east of the Pernambués Metro Stop and runs for 12.4 km to the Estação Mussurunga Metro Stop. If running along the highway doesn’t quite suit your mood, use this path as a convenient connection to the quieter trails of Parque Pituaçu.

  • 12.3 km (7.7 miles) one way
  • 105 meters (343 feet)
  • Anywhere along Avenida Paralela
  • Between Pernambués Metro Stop and Estação Mussurunga Metro Stop