Salvador, Brazil

Parque Pituaçu

Pituaçu Park hugs the coast between the neighborhood of Pituaçu and the Av. Paralela Highway. Most of the park is covered by a sizable lagoon, but visitors will also find the Espaço Mário Cravo sculpture park and the Bahia Café Hall. Runners will especially enjoy the 15 km bike path encircling the lagoon. Most runners begin near the Parque Pituaçu Museum, although there are also entrances on the north end near Estádio Roberto Santos and the Pituaçu Metro Stop. Add distance by hopping on the Avenida Octávio Mangabeira path to the south or the Avenida Paralela path to the north.

Add-On: Avenida Paralela Bike Path is nearby.

  • 15 km (9 miles) loop of lagoon
  • Flat
  • Estádio Roberto Santos
  • Pituaçu Metro Stop