Santa Fe, NM

Old Santa Fe Trail

Another favorite among road runners in Santa Fe is the Old Santa Fe Trail, which runners can pick up right downtown and follow all the way to the Canada de los Alamos, where it turns to dirt. (A good starting point is the San Miguel Mission, on the south side of the plaza, which is a don’t miss site for architecture buffs). Once outside of the immediate downtown area, the road opens up with a wide shoulder. From there, there is a nice series of rolling hills (mostly uphill on the way out) so it’s a nice training session for anyone seeking a long training run on pavement. You can go about 10 miles before the pavement morphs into a dirt forest road — but you can turn back at any point that feels comfortable.

  • Up to 7.9 miles one-way. Turn around wherever you like!
  • 794 feet
  • San Miguel Mission
  • The Old Santa Fe Trail connects to the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.