Djurgården is a green and idyllic island close to central Stockholm, offering beautiful setting for running. Its official name Kungliga Djurgården means Royal Game Park and it is one of the most popular recreation areas of the city. Start your run at Djurgårdsbron bridge and head east along the canal all the way to Lilla Sjötullsbron bridge. Cross the bridge to south and enter Djurgården island where you will pass scenic green areas and several historical buildings and monuments, the Vasa museum, art galleries, and the popular amusement park Gröna Lund. In the interior of the island is Royal Djurgården, which has gravel, more forested paths that can be a nice add-on.
  • 5.2 mile loop
  • 130 feet
  • Djurgårdsbron Bridge
  • Bus 76 from downtown