Stockholm, Sweden

Olympic Sites and Parks Run

Wikimedia Commons: Johannes Scherman

This run in central Stockholm is a beauty, combining several parks, running paths, and worthwhile sites. The anchor point is Olympic Stadium, a still functioning facility dating back to when Stockholm hosted the games in 1912. Enjoy a loop of the running track, grounds, and adjacent recreational facilities, as well as the Lill-Jansskogen — a 3k off-road race track. Then use Villagatan south to enjoy a 1 km loop around Humlegården, a beautifully landscaped 1500s era park. Exit the park onto Karlavägen, and run for 1.5 km along the green median in the hip Östermalm area, to the large park that’s the site of Lollapalooza Stockholm. It’s near the river and the nearby roads are ringed by embassies and museums. Here, you can run on 2-3 km of allée-like paths. For the return, run on the median path of the Västbergavägen.

Humlegården. Wikimedia: Lordgubbe

Our mapped route is 12k, but there are many options to shorten or extend.

  • Up to 12 km, with many options to shorten or extend
  • 68m (225 feet)
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Subway: Stadion