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Where to Run on Your Family Vacation

The summer family vacation. Whether the plan is to head to one of the top visited cities, the beach, a National Park, or tourist attraction such as Disney, one thing’s for sure: You’ll still want to get your runs in. If the kids are little, that might require an understanding spouse who will let you sneak out for an early morning jaunt. If they’re teens, it’ll be more like “Mom, sure, go out for a long one.”

The other challenge, of course, is to find a good place to run in that vacation spot, which you no doubt chose for reasons other than its access to great running routes. Here’s a guide, which we wrote for Outside, to some of the best places to run in some of the most visited U.S. destinations in summer. Plus some strategies for finding a good run when visiting some of the major National Parks.  READ MORE….

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