Tallahassee, FL

Cascades Park-Capitol Cascades Trail-Lake Elberta

Creative Commons: Michael Rivera

One of our favorite runs in Tallahassee is the 5-mile out and back from Cascades Park to Lake Elberta, using the Capitol Cascades Trail as a connector. Start just north of Cascades Park and enjoy 1 mile through the 24-acre park, which includes some other trails, two small lakes, and other facilities. Continue on the paved Capitol Cascades Trail, which parallels Famu Way, for another 1 mile to Lake Elberta, and enjoy the 3/4 mile loop around lake, with nice water views. Retrace your steps to the start.

Add-Ons: Paths around the Capitol and FSU campus, just northwest of Cascades Park (see our route there). Some nice running in the Magnolia Heights Historic District, northeast of the park. Also, just south of Lake Elberta, you can join the St. Mark’s Historic RR State Trail.

  • 5.3 miles (8.5 km) out and back
  • 122 feet (37m)
  • Cascades Park (or just north of there)