Brno, Czechia

Trail Running in Brno’s Forest Parks

Akátky Forest Park. Creative Commons

Brno is blessed with numerous forest parks in an near the city. These are great options for those looking for an easy to moderate trail run in Brno. They’re especially pretty in autumn and also in winter when there’s snow. They can be muddy in spring. Here are some of our favorites:  [best to create your own route]

Evropsky významná lokalita Pisárky — National Forest. The closest one to the center of Brno, and can be combined with the Svratka River Paths. Access off Pisárecká. One can do 4-5 km on these wooded trails.

Wilson forest-park. Hilly forest park with some great city views. See our route combining Wilson Forest Park with Kraví Hora Park. Just north of the National Forest Park (above).

Akátky Forest Park.  2-3 km of wooded trails in the Akátky part of Brno, just east of the I/42 ring road.

Obora Holedná. A large and impressive series of forest parks in the western Žebětín & Jundrov section of Brno. A popular hiking area, with many km of forested trails. Well signposted. Be sure to climb the Rozhledna Holedná lookout tower at the northeastern end of the park to see some of the trails you’ve just run!

  • Also part of this complex of forest parks, just west of the Stará dálnice road, are two National Forest parks: Pekárna -Přírodní památka & Bosonožský hájek.

Marian Valley. Popular recreation spot at the eastern edge of Brno, with many km of forested trails. Nice combination of easier and more challenging. See our route there.

Soběšice Area. From the Lesní školka parking lot, access forested trails in the Památník Karla Morávka hiking area.

  • Create your own route in these parks
  • Most of these parks are fairly hilly

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  • Create your own route in these parks
  • Most of these parks are fairly hilly