Calgary, Alberta

Downtown: Bow and Elbow Rivers Pathways

 The pathways along the Bow and Elbow Rivers are the signature running opportunities near downtown. There is wonderful, open scenery, with views of the mountains on a clear day. Many runners start at Eau Claire market downtown and head east through St. Patrick’s Island and north around the Calgary Zoo and past the TELUS Science Centre, or west towards Edworthy Park. Another option is to head north and run in Prince’s Island Park. There are paths on both sides of the Bow River, and bridges across the river at regular intervals, so it’s easy to create your own loops, mixing and matching the river paths and numerous islands and parks. Good bridges for crossing include the Bow River Pathway (connects to Eau Claire Park), Peace Bridge (connects to Eau Claire Park, Prince’s Island Park), and the George C. King Bridge (connects to St. Patrick’s Island Park).
To see all the bike path information check out the interactive map, which even includes information on which trails are cleared of snow and ice.
  • Multiple Distance Options
  • Modestly hilly
  • Eau Claire Market is a popular starting point