Edmonton, Alberta

Forest Heights Park & Dawson Park

Adjoining Forest Heights Park and Dawson Park are two of the larger and more important parks in the Edmonton North Saskatchewan Valley parks system. They are close to downtown and are great standalone or as a combined run, offering greenery, good scenery, and great downtown views.

For Forest Heights, runners can park on 83rd street and choose a paved trail 3.9 km (2.4 miles) trail that is shared by bikers, hikers, and runners. Run this standalone or in conjunction with other paths and parks along the river.

Dawson Park

Adjoining Dawson Park was part of Edmonton’s long history of industry and coal mining. Now, it’s an important player in the city’s river valley park network, with 2.3km (1.43 miles) of trails, running between 84th St. and 92nd St., with parking available on 90th St.  connecting to Kinnard Park and Louise McKinney Riverfront Park. With 2.3km (1.43 miles) of trails, Dawson Park is the perfect place for a quick run. The park runs between 84th street and 92nd street with parking available on 90th street. Runners should be aware that there are off-leash dog areas and all trails are dog-friendly.

Add-On: Many other opportunities to add-on with the miles of paths along the River and interconnected parks. Kinnard Park and Louise McKinney Riverfront Park are just east of Dawson Park.

  • Forest Heights Park: 3.9 km (2.4 mile) loop path; Dawson Park: 2.3 km (1.4 miles) of trails
  • Forest Heights - Park on 83rd Street; Dawson - park on 90th St.
  • Parking lot on 83rd St. or 90th St. Transport: Central Station, near Shaw Conference Center