Ghent, Belgium

Coupure & Groenevalleipark

Wikimedia Commons

The Coupure is a popular bike path in Ghent, and also good for running if you’re respectful of cyclists. The tree-lined path runs along the Coupure canal, with nice older homes on each side. It’s about 1.5 km from the intersection with the Leie River, heading north to Groenevalleipark. Coupure Rechts is on the east side, and Coupure Links is on the west side. At the park, a ~1 km loop can be added around pleasant paths that wind around fields and though woodlands.

Add-Ons: See our Leie River route, which intersects with the Coupure path. Several of our other Ghent routes are nearby.

  • 4 km out and back, including the Groenevalleipark. Good add-on options
  • Flat
  • Coupure Rechts, at intersection with Leie River
  • Trams 1, 4: Gent Verlorenkost