Hyderabad, India

Osmania University

The grounds of Osmania University feel more like a sprawling park than a campus, making this one of the better spots for a longer run in Hyderabad. The university is located between Hyderabad and Secunderbad. There are many running options, from trails, to dirt paths, and nice sidewalks/pathways. The area is verdant, offering some nice shade on a hot day.

We’ve mapped a loop around Osmania that totals 9.4 km, but there are plenty of options to fashion your own route. The dirt doubletrack near the south end of campus, and the botanical gardens at the north end of campus are both particularly nice. There are also some cool architectural sites, like the Osmania University Library and the Arts College.

  • We've mapped a loop of 9.4 km (5.8 miles), but there are other options to creatre your own route
  • 54 meters (177 feet)
  • Osmania University Road
  • Osmania Law College Bus Stop