Favorite Run-Centric Small Cities

Favorite Locations Lists

  • Boise, ID

    Capital and largest city in Idaho, Boise is a recreational mecca. The setting is beautiful, with a r...
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  • Bozeman, MT

    Bozeman is one of our favorite small towns for running in the United States. An outdoor recreation m...
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  • Boulder, CO

    Boulder, Colorado is one of the country’s havens for those who love the outdoors. Located at the b...
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  • Burlington, VT

    Lake Champlain and mountain views frame Burlington, Vermont’s largest city. Burlington is a hot sp...
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  • Eugene, OR

    The second most populous city in Oregon (after Portland), Eugene is a bustling college town, with th...
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  • Flagstaff, AZ

    The northern Arizona city of Flagstaff, tucked into a sprawling ponderosa pine forest at the base of...
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