Bergamo, Italy

The best places to run in Bergamo. See Also Our Guides to nearby Milan and Lake Como

Bergamo is a city in the alpine Lombardy region of northern Italy. It’s the second most visited city in Lombardy after Milan, which is located 40 km southwest. Bergamo is technically located within the 4,700 hectare regional park, Parco dei Colli di Bergamo. The options for running in Bergamo are a bit limited, owing to the hilly terrain and dense population of the newer part of the city. The best place to run in Bergamo is the Greenway del Morla. We’ve also put together a route in the Città Alta, Bergamo’s historical center, the highlight of which is the 2 km path along the old city walls. There are extensive options for running in the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo, ranging from some easier bike paths with nice panoramas to some challenging, hilly trail running. We’ve also pointed out some of the nicer roads for running just outside the city center.

For more running in the area, see our guides to Milan and Lake Como.

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