Gothenburg, Sweden

A comprehensive guide to the best places to run in Gothenburg

Situated on the scenic banks of the Göta älv river on Sweden’s west coast, Gothenburg is the  second largest city in Scandinavia and its largest port. The modestly sized city is known as the home of Volvo, numerous festivals (Gothenburg Film Festival, Way Out West), and enjoys an intellectual and artistic vibe thanks in part to the University of Gothenburg. Running in Gothenburg is a pleasure, given its scenic waterside location, numerous parks and gardens, and relatively compact size. Cool fact: Gothenburg is site of the world’s largest half marathon!

This is a relatively compact city, and many of the best running routes are in close proximity and can be combined. There are nice waterside running paths along the Göta Älv river and the Lindholmen/Eriksberg waterfront. Lovely parks and preserves include Kungsparken and Slottsskogen, or the more rugged Änggårdsbergen. Head east to Skatas Motionscentrum, where there are designated trails, some lit, and a great gym for a post-run sauna.

An extensive tram, bus, and ferry system makes getting around Gothenburg a relative breeze. Runners might consider a tourist/visitor card, good for up to 3 days, which facilitates one-way routes!

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Gothenburg has a hybrid humid continental/oceanic climate, and has milder weather than its latitude would suggest. Summers are warm for Scandinavia, with average high temperatures of 22C (73F) and cool-ish nights. Take advantage of warm, 18 hour daylight days! Winters are cool, with average January highs of just above freezing, and lows dipping to -4C (mid-20s). There can be snow but rarely severe. It is a bit of a rainy climate, with winters having long stretches of overcast days with only 6 hours of daylight. Bring layers and wet weather gear for any time of year.

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There aren’t too many running stores in Gothenburg. Salming is a growing chain that includes running gear and there’s a concept store in Gothenburg.


VarjeSteg is a coaching/running group site.

Consult Marathons for upcoming races.

Göteborgsvarvet is the world’s largest half-marathon. 3rd Saturday in May.