Hampshire County, England

From Southampton to HighCliffe. See Also Our Guides to the Southeast Coastm Isle of Wight, Dorset, Devon, & Cornwall


This is the Great Runs guide to the best places to run in Hampshire County, UK. The focus is mainly on coastal sections, stretching from Portsmouth west to Milford On Sea. In the Portsmouth area, there are lovely waterfront & marsh loops. In Southampton, highlights are the Common and several parks. Just north of there, enjoy our ‘Runseeing’ tour of Winchester. On the west side of the Solent, running highlights are marsh trails in Lymington & Keyhaven, plus a nice waterfront run in Milford-On-Sea out the spit to Hurst Castle. We’ve also provided recs on top running opportunities in the woods and heathland of the vast New Forest National Park.

For more, see our guides to the Isle of Wight and the Southeast Coast from Worthing to Margate, and the Southwest Coast, including Dorset, Devon, & Cornwall.

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Southeast Coast, Isle of Wight, Dorset

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There’s a good variety of running stores in Hampshire County. See the overview map for locations.