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Kawasaki, Japan

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Creative Commons: MIKI Yoshihito

Kawasaki is a city of 1.5 million people, and part of the greater Tokyo metro region. It lies on the right bank of the Tama River, and forms a narrow band between Tokyo in the northeast and Yokohama in the southwest. Options for running in Kawasaki are somewhat limited, given that it’s a densely populated, industrial city.

For a long, easy run in Kawasaki, choose a section of the many km of trails that run along the Tama River, forming sort of a linear park. There are two green areas in the city that also make for a nice run: Higashi-Takane Forest Park and the larger Ikuta Greenspace. There are additional running options just south in Yokohama, as well as in Chiba and the southern outskirts of Tokyo.

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Higashi-Takane Forest Park

Kawasaki, Japan

Higashi-Takane Forest Park is the best green space near the center of Kawasaki for a run. The park is known for its ancient lawn, 200-year-old white oak forest, and nice plantings. There are ~3 km of trails in the park, so you'll have to do some laps to get in a longer run.