Limerick, Ireland

Includes Some Destinaton Runs West of Limerick

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Limerick, located in Limerick County the western part of Ireland, is the island’s fourth most populous city. The city lies on the River Shannon, with the historic core of the city located on King’s Island, which is bounded by the Shannon and Abbey Rivers. Limerick has received a much-needed revamp in recent years. New and improved quays and riverside walks are great for running in Limerick.

A great way to get oriented is our ‘runseeing‘ tour, which features King’s Island, three bridges, riverfront paths, and Limerick’s medieval quarter. The best places to run in Limerick are on the 13+ km of paths on the River Shannon, which we’ve divided into central and northern sections. The 3 km of paths along the City Canal make for a quickie loop or a good connection to other routes. There’s nice running around the campus and nearby fields of the University of Limerick. We’ve also got two destination runs: the 40 km Limerick Greenway (closest point to Limerick is Rathkeale), and Curragh Chase Forest Park.

For more extensive trail running options, this Limerick on Foot guide is a good resource.

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Runners should plan for Galway’s weather, which can be damp and cool at any time of year. Also note the long summer days!

Good selection of hotels in or near the historic centre on the south side of the Shannon River, providing out-your-door access to our favourite running routes in Limerick.


There are no running-specific stores, but there are several outlets of Intersport Elverys, Sports Direct, & Lifestyle Sports in the Limerick area.

Gleeson Sport Scene also carries running gear.


Parkrun Saturdays 9am from the University of Limerick Boathouse.

Running Calendar Ireland is a terrific resource for events in Limerick and elsewhere on the island.