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Marquette, Michigan

Steven Fine

Marquette is a city of 20,000 in northwest Michigan, located on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a major port, and also the location of Northern Michigan University. There are some excellent options for running in Marquette, including a quite extensive trail system for such a small city. Runners should note that Marquette is the city with the deepest snow depths with a population of more than 20,000 in the U.S.

The best place to run in Marquette is the City Multi-Use Path, which includes 5 gorgeous miles along Lake Superior. The Iron Ore Heritage Trail is a longer multi-use path headed west of Marquette. Run our 7-mile Grand Tour for the best of Marquette running! Trail runners will love the 30+ miles of the ‘North Trails’ section of the NTN Trail System.

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Marquette has four distinct seasons. The signature aspect of its climate is the long, cold, & snowy winter, featuring among the highest average snow depths of any city in the United States. Runners should be prepared — there are 73 days where the temperature stays below freezing. Summers are mild to warm and delightful for running. Autumn, while short, is gorgeous in the Upper Peninsula.



Queen Running Company is the center of running in Marquette. In addition to being a great running store, they host numerous group running events each week.


See this page from the Queen City Running Company for group run & event information.

See this page from the Queen City Running Company for group run & event information.